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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is included with a TAAP license?
A full explanation of cost is included at the products/pricing screen. Cost depends on the amount of users. There is an inexpensive initial cost and an even less expensive annual cost. Each license is valid for a 12 month period, regardless of what time of year it is purchased. Each renewal is valid for another 12 months. Each license includes both the Standard Module and Premium Module. All updates are included with the license.

Why should I buy a TAAP software license?
TAAP All in One Fiduciary Accounting Modules® will open new sources of revenue, empower your staff, and make your life easier all for a low inexpensive price. YOU WILL MORE THAN MAKE YOUR INVESTMENT BACK WITH YOUR FIRST ACCOUNTING!TAAP reports are clean, professional and will make you look GREAT!

What kind of learning curve is there to use the TAAP software?
TAAP is designed to be easy to use with a minimal learning curve. Once you open the program it is pretty easy to see what to do.

What program produces the TAAP reports?
TAAP downloads the data to Microsoft Excel. TAAP requires that you have Microsoft Excel 2003 or later installed on your computer.

How do I activate my software?
Purchase the number of licenses you would like with your software from here: Order Now. Then download the demo program here. Finally, open the TAAP Desktop Software and under the Help menu there is an option to Unlock TAAP Program. An unlock key will be generated for you. Copy and paste that unlock code and visit the software registration page: Register Here. You will also need to enter your Order Number and the e-mail you provided with your purchase and then an unlock code will be generated on screen and also sent to your e-mail address. Then go back into the program to copy and paste the unlock code into the form and read the terms and conditions. After reading the terms and conditions, check the box underneath them indicating you have read and understand them. Then press OK and you will have full use of the software.

What are some of your favorite program features?
Fiduciary accountings require that balances be carried back and forth between various schedules. If a change is made, and changes are always made, TAAP easily handles the domino effect.Users can choose between different sorting features so that the reports can comply with local requirements. For instance, reports can be sorted according to date or payor/payee or by bank account. Once a report is produced Microsoft Excel sorting features are fully available.Users can easily change any schedule heading for a single trust/estate accounting or globally for all trust/estate accountings. For instance, “Beginning Inventory” can be changed to “Starting Inventory” or “Receipts” can be changed to “Income” etc.There are many more great features…